Matt Boyce

CrossFit and Triathlon Athlete/Coach

  • Coach Boycey

    I have been through my ups and down in my professional career, moving from Western Australia in the hope of cracking the NRL,To then hang the boots up and start my own carpentry company.

    I'm now running @CrossFitCoorparoo where I've finally found my passion. They say to be successful in your career you should be able to do what you do for no money at all. I’ve found that in coaching CrossFit and subsequently changing lives. No money can equate to the look on a clients face when they hit a PB or learn a new movement. The feeling you get when you see your athletes confidence grow is better then any bonus cheque or fancy car will ever give me.

    Waking up everyday at 4am to coach 130+ epic athletes gives me a feeling of achieving something greater in life more then the mundane 9-5 office job, working for the man, ever did.

  • Training for me has always been a priority and at the forefront of my mind. Ive always believed that you are given one body to live in, why not make it the healthiest one possible.

    Feeding you body with the right nutrients while putting it under such stress with physical training it is vital to remain healthy to stay in the game. Currently for me, training is twice daily, ill coach the morning classes hit the bike for an hour and possibly a run. Followed by and arvo swim and CrossFit session before coaching the evening classes. This training is in preparation for a half ironman in May and a full ironman in December, along with the CrossFit season about to kick off in a matter of weeks. I am super stoked to be onboard Private Supplement Co and can't wait to see what their epic products can do to enhance my training.

  • Kell Rosenberg

    Personal Trainer/Rugby (Coach and Player)I have always been an active person, who has continued to strive for the best and others around me. As a trainer it is important that I provide a safe and constructive environment for my clients

    .I'm extremely excited to come on board as an ambassador for The Private Supplement Company.I believe in the correct introduction of supplements into any athletes daily routine.

    The products created by Pvt.Co are specifically designed to aid recovery and enhance performance.My training regime is currently strength based but I also incorporate HIIT and swimming to help improve my overall well - being.

    I have confidence in Pvt.Co products and I'm enthusiastic to work along side their brand.

  • Amy Ryan

    Triathlete and Fitness Fanatic

    I guess my passion for health and fitness was drilled into me by my mother when I was of young age. We grew up on a farm and my mother has pretty much been on a diet since I was born, eating healthy and staying active has just been our way of life. We would eat the fresh produce grown in the gardens and our meat would come from the cows and chickens on the farm.

    When I left high school I joined the Navy and staying physically fit and strong became my job. I did 12.5 years’ service in the Navy and towards the end of my career I had developed a knee injury and required an operation. In 2012 I had an operation on my right knee to and discharged from the navy shortly after.

    The rehab process took around 6 months and in this time I had gained a few extra unwanted kilos. Once given the ok to exercise again I knew I had to shift these kilos and shift them fast. I decided to join the Michelle Bridges 12wbt in order to do so. After signing up I was encouraged to join the local ‘Inner West’ 12wbt Facebook group so I could train with local girls and lean on them for support an encouragement. Little did I know at the time but joining this group changed my life. We would train together and encourage each other to achieve what we thought was impossible. Not only where these woman likeminded and supportive but selfless and generous with their time, we’ve all become the closest of friends even 3 years down the track.

    One woman Cheri in particular really stood out from the rest and I looked up to her as a hero, this was because she was an ironman and inspired others to believe in themselves and achieve the impossible. Between Cheri and her husband Rob they would take us for running groups every Friday morning, long bike rides to work on our skills and would be there to support us in every way they could. They would turn anyone that wanted into triathletes and did it for the kindness of their heart and asked for nothing in return.

    Since taking up triathlons I've completed many event including 2 half ironman. It's now my goal to complete a new full Ironman which I'm training to do in May 2017. I've been working toward this goal for the past 6 month and still have a long way to go with my training. I'm the type of person that when I set my mind to something there's absolutely nothing that will get in my way. I'm looking forward to the day when I cross that finish line and can call myself an Ironman.

  • Michael Bell (bellie) Coach

    Kite-boarder and Lad

    My story begins when I was 15, being the token beach bum my free time was spent at the beach. After staring at the kite-boarders for hours on end, my dad started to teach me and I haven't looked back since. Fast forward a few years and I was competing professionally and had just won a national championship. This was also when I got my first taste of strength & conditioning and how beneficial it can be to help improve sporting performance and prevent injuries.

    At 19 I had a total career change and decided I’d trade my kite-boards for a rifle. Joining the Air-force I headed off to training, the experience was unbelievable and has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. However the training took its toll on my body and 2 years later I discovered I had been carrying stress fractures through both legs. The next 6 months were spent going through rehabilitation and working out what would be in life for me. During that time I was lucky to work with some excellent strength & conditioning coaches who fuelled me to pursue a career in strength & conditioning. 6 years later I’ve struck gold and live my dream every day. Helping others achieve their goals & come back from heart breaking injuries.

    I use my training to inspire others, training for me is a combination of strength, mobility & gymnastics. I believe that everyone has the ability to train like an athlete and training with intensity is the key to expanding your limits and capacity within the gym and also in life.

    I’m super stoked to be on board with Private Supplement Co. as their products allow me to excel with my training and continue to be better than I was yesterday.

  • Jarryd Franck

    Crossfit Coach, PT and Guru

    I am currently studying sports and exercise science full time at southern cross university, in chase of broadening my knowledge to help others in the community with their fitness goals and also maximising my own training.

    I'm also a Crossfit coach and athlete at Crossfit Park Beach, these are two things I'm highly passionate about. Coaching our members and helping them reach their goals is such a rewarding experience, seeing them grow and improve is such a fulfilling feeling. In terms of being a Crossfit Athlete, Crossfit is my main sport and I hope to keep pushing my limits and improving in this sport and push to be in the top athletes in the pacific.

    With the intensity of my training increasing over time as i improve in the sport it's takes a toll on my body and recovery is key. Supplements aid highly in recovery and the process of consistently training, the Private Supplement Co. products have really enhanced my recovery and I'm proud to be working with their brand and what they represent.